Doctor specialises in Employment Litigation, including alternative dispute resolution, discrimination litigation relating to race and victimisation, dismissal litigation including individual, mass and derivative misconduct dismissals, constructive dismissal litigation, review of arbitration awards and Rulings of Commissioners, Arbitrators and Panellists, the review and setting aside of settlement agreements, the withdrawal of a withdrawal litigation, and breach of contract unfair labour practice litigation including the termination of post-retirement benefits and the like, urgent proceedings including the moving of urgent interdicts for unlawful strikes and violence during lawful strike action, and breach of contract litigation.

Doctor previously worked at the Labour Court of South Africa (Johannesburg) as an Associate to Judge President Zondo of the Labour Appeal Court of South Africa, and thereafter served his articles of clerkship (2007 – 2009) at Perrott van Niekerk. His expertise includes collective employment law, including strikes, work force reductions on a massive scale, interpretation and enforcement of collective agreements.


  • LLB, University of the Witwatersrand.

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