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Specialising in all aspects of marine and international trade law

We offer legal services that extend to the entire logistics chain from the sale, purchase and financing of commodities, through to their international and local multi–modal transport, customs clearance, storage and onward distribution.

Our expertise

Tabacks as a leading firm has the in-depth knowledge and experience to offer specialist advice to all complex, high value multi-jurisdictional and cross-border matters within the transport sector. Working with our commercially focused teams we are able to assist and support on any issues affecting our clients.

Shipping – Dry work: Ship and security arrests, negotiating of security in the form of letters and undertakings, bank guarantees and bonds etc, bill of lading disputes, arbitrations, litigation, cargo claims, general admiralty claims, all contractual and commercial related matters arising out of the carriage of goods on vessels.

Logistics – Assisting clearing and forwarding agents with their claims, defending claims made against clearing and forwarding agents, cargo arrests, drafting standard trading terms and conditions and other related commercial agreements, negotiating agreements with customers, exercising liens over goods, domestic and foreign dispute resolution, drafting security documents required by insurance companies.

Customs and excise – Assisting with customs and excise disputes, customs tariff classifications, custom tariff heading disputes, internal administrative appeals (IAA) and alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), resolving disputes and making representations to customs or other regulatory authorities, defending demands or claims made by SARS, ITAC or third parties, assisting in recovering money, for: refunds; rebates; drawbacks; liquidation of provisional payments; release of guarantees; taking adverse decisions of the authorities on review or appeal; compelling the production of information (PAIA) or reasons (PAJA).

Trade Finance – Formulating innovative, risk–minimising structures for offering trade finance by combining our shipping and logistics expertise with our experience in banking and finance law, drafting trade finance terms and conditions, sale agreements, application forms, security documents and process documents, enforcing security documents such as bank guarantees, pledges, notarial bonds, suretyships, exercising liens and right of detention clauses

Litigation – All maritime litigation brought in terms of the Admiralty Jurisdiction Regulation Act and Rules issued in terms thereof

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