At Tabacks we believe that equality cannot be attained without justice

It is our moral and social responsibility as a firm to engage in activities that drive justice as a means to achieve equality for those who are suffering due to economic exclusion.

We challenge ourselves to make a difference in the lives of children through education, assist with alleviating poverty in disadvantaged communities, supporting organisations caring for people living with disabilities and chronic illness.

Here are a few of the organisations we support

Oliver’s House

Oliver’s House focusses on early childhood development, education, skills development and community development. They are committed to providing a free and responsible service to the community and extending these services into as many disadvantaged areas as possible.



DareDevil Run

The run with a difference that makes a difference — The Hollard DareDevil Run has grown from one brave soul daring to jog through peak hour traffic in a Speedo, to a massive countrywide phenomenon with a noble cause. The only way to beat cancer is to raise awareness through initiatives like the Hollard DareDevil Run. Because early detection saves lives.



Uniform Fund

Tabacks has reached out to AAA-KEE, an organisation that houses abused and abandoned children, to help with their uniform fund.

AAA-KEE work to make the Christmas season special for children by holding a Christmas party for them, filled with gifts, school uniform and a hearty meal for each child.

We supported them in this cause. I think we can all remember the excitement of receiving new uniform and stationery at the beginning of every school year. It is an unfortunate reality in our country, that not all children get to experience this.